How it works

Easiwall product image 1x1 panel

 Step 1. 

Decide what you need. 

Measure the vertical space you have. Then select the number and sizes of Easiwall Panels you need. 

For smaller walls, you may wish to water by hand. Or if you have a larger wall or prefer a lower maintenance wall, then we recommend an Irrigation System. It delivers a precise amount of water to each trough. 

Finally, we recommend this growing medium. It’s a blend of organic and inert minerals – perfect for Easiwall. You will typically need 2 bags per m2. 

Step 2. 

Assemble and install your wall.  

Check the downloadable instruction guides provided.


Step 3. 

Start Planting!

Check our FAQs for planting and maintenance tips. 
You may wish to use a Planting Template for larger projects.